Health roundup August 16

International news

Acetaminophen has been found to cause childhood behavioural issues when taken during pregnancy. Available over the counter it is a common source for pain relief, having been branded as safe to use during pregnancy in recent years. However, it appears it may affect the emotional and behavioural issues of children.

A sedentary lifestyle may cause cardiovascular disease and an increased risk of diabetes . Researchers advise that people should exercise for at least half an hour a day to counteract the  negative effects of sitting.

Country updates

Cancer is now the leading disease in the UK, responsible for more deaths than heart disease every year. While this is in part due to the increasing number of deaths caused by cancer, improvements in the prevention and treatment of cardiac problems has seen the number of deaths linked to heart problems fall.

Health officials in the USA have claimed that Zika won’t be a major problem in South Carolina. It is said that the state’s cooler winters are to thank, as the Zika-carrying mosquitos will struggle to fly in temperatures below 50º fahrenheit.

Health advice

With the Summer coming to a close, check out some final tips on how to take care of your health while traveling!

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