Health roundup August 22

International news

A new substance, which may be a substitution for addictive painkillers, has been announced in a recent study. The drug, which has been tested on mice, is believed to be promising by scientists. The researchers claim that it may be possible to reduce 30,000 overdoses a day in the U.S, but that further research is needed.

Supplements which contain calcium may have negative effects on elderly women. Although known for increasing bone strength, new reports confirm that it may also increase the risk of dementia in older women.

Country updates

A new study has found that people who are infected with malaria are more likely to survive Ebola. Approximately 20% of victims with malaria have a higher chance of surviving Ebola in West Africa. Scientists are planning more research seeking a connection between the two diseases.

A travel warning for parts of Miami Beach has been issued, with health officials telling pregnant women to avoid visiting the area. Any pregnant women who have visited the area since July 14th are also urged to speak to their healthcare providers about receiving testing.

Health news

Half an hour exercises may not be enough to fight a sedentary lifestyle, studies show. Check out what you can do to implement some movement to your everyday activities!

Medical experts warn Americans that they shouldn’t sleep in their contact lenses and to also clean them properly, as misusing them causes the risk of infection.

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