Health roundup July 18

International News

A new study from the University of Maryland has discovered why jet lag is so much worse when you travel east. According to the study, our body’s circadian rhythm is slightly over 24 hours, meaning journeys which lengthen the day are easier on our bodies.

The future is here, and with it, a more comfortable travel experience. Veteran jetsetters will be happy to know that aircraft manufacturer Bombardier have announced the CS100, a new plane with up to 19-inch wide seats and larger luggage compartments. These advancements are much larger than the main competitors, such as the Boeing 737.

Country Updates

The Zika virus news keeps coming, with the third case of the disease being confirmed in Nebraska, US. The State Department of Health and Human Services claim that all reported cases involve people who have traveled to Zika-infected countries. So if you are planning on traveling to these countries this summer, it’s important to consider all the possible risks.

Health Advice

It’s time to call your mum to apologise, because scientists may have proven that warmer body temperatures seem to prevent the cold virus from spreading. Researches at Yale University have been discovering how infected cells react to different temperatures. So remember to wrap up warm next winter.

Summer is here and with it comes long walks enjoying the weather, but if you find yourself spending the day in more rural areas, make sure to protect yourself against tick bites and Lyme disease. It is suggested to keep arms and legs covered, making sure no areas are left exposed, particularly near patches of long grass.

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