Health roundup September 6

International News

A recent study raises concerns over the amount of people in risk of contracting the Zika virus. It estimates that around 2.6 billion people across Asia and Africa could contract the virus.

Country Updates

Nine travel-medicine clinics have opened across Thailand, says the Ministry of Public Health. With an estimate of 44.5 million travelers expected to visit Thailand in the next four years, the clinics will be used to offer healthcare to travelers in nine major cities across the country.

Expats who visit Kuwait solely to receive medical care may now be out of luck. The country’s health committee is working on measures to impose health insurance on visiting expats. This is only one of the current problems between expats and Kuwait currently taking place.

The 61-year-old man who was the first recorded case of locally transmitted Zika virus in Malaysia is said to have died from heart disease complications and not of the virus itself. The man had already been suffering from the effects of heart disease before he began seeking medical attention for the Zika virus.

Health Advice

Doctors are warning about the effects of the prolonged use of over the counter pain medication. Although they are reassuring people that the occasional use of these anti-inflammatory drugs is fine, excessive usage can lead to kidney failure.

Although people are often welcoming of medical advancements, some of the older beliefs remain prominent. Stories about how cracking your knuckles leads to arthritis and how eating soy affects your fertility are still widely accepted as fact. However, many of these beliefs are completely outdated and untrue.

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