Weekly health roundup – 13th February

International health news

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have grown human eggs in a laboratory for the first time ever. It is hoped that this will help to preserve the fertility of women undergoing serious medical treatments that can damage their eggs.

According to a new study, children born with heart disease who survive to adulthood are twice as likely to develop early-onset dementia than members of the general population. Investigations into late-life risks are increasingly important as more people are now surviving for longer.

Country updates

Free universal eye care is now available in Rwanda making it the first low-income country to offer this service. 33% of Rwanda’s 12 million population suffer from sight problems.

If you are travelling to the Winter Olympics in South Korea, be aware of an outbreak of norovirus which has affected security staff there. This is an extremely contagious virus.

Public Health England wants e-cigarettes to be available for patients on prescription. E-cigarettes have been extremely successful in helping people to stop smoking.

Health advice

There is increasing evidence to show that the growth and speed of cancer can be affected by your diet. A recent study has shown that breast tumours would not spread as fast without consuming asparagine, found in many vegetables and animal products.

If you have been struck down by the flu this winter, the real cure is allowing yourself to rest. Be sure to stay hydrated and eat nutrient-rich foods.


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