Weekly health roundup – 24th October

International health news

Joseph Jebelli, a neuroscientist and researcher says it could be possible for Alzheimer’s to be avoidable within the next 10 years. New discoveries are being made everyday and with the availability of new technology, advancements for treatment and prevention look likely.

Researches from New York University’s Langone School of Medicine have found activity in the brain continues after you have died. This could mean that it is possible for someone to be aware of their own death whilst the brain still has access to a blood supply, which is usually around 20 seconds.

Country updates

The US state of Louisiana is currently experiencing a salmonella outbreak due to contaminated food that was sold at a fundraiser. One death has already occurred along with 149 people hospitalised, many who are in critical condition.

The Marburg virus has broken out in Eastern Uganda, prompting the World Health Organization (WHO) to take rapid action. They are providing medical supplies, as well as guidance on safe and dignified burials to stop further spread of the disease.

Health advice

Medical professionals say excessive exercise can place strain on the heart and have negative effects on overall health. They advise regular but moderate physical activity to stay healthy.

Health officials in the UK urge parents to seek professional advice before feeding their baby a vegan diet. It can be difficult for children to receive important vitamins and minerals when eating strictly plant based food which can be detrimental to their growth and immune system.

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