What to do before you next travel home

Planning a trip back home for the holidays? My health is usually the last thing on my mind when heading home, seeing as I’m usually too busy thinking about all the food I will eat and the friends and family I need to catch up with. However, you might encounter some unexpected health problems whilst back home or you might just want to take the opportunity to check up on your general health. Here are a couple things you might want to do or check up on before you next head home:

Are you still registered with your doctor?

You should make sure you are still registered with your local doctor and if not make an appointment to register with a new one.

Are you still insured?

If you have private health insurance in your expat country, will this cover you on your trip back home?

Bring your pills and medication

Don’t forget your pills or any sort of medication you may need. It is also important to find out how much medication you can travel with and make sure the same pills and medication are available in your home country.

Plan ahead: health check-ups

You might feel more comfortable checking up on your general health whilst back in your home country. If so (and if possible), you should plan ahead and find out if you are due for any screenings or vaccinations.

Have all your proper documentation

Remember to scan and pack any documentation you may need, such as your vaccination booklet, health records and insurance papers.

These are a couple of things to think about before jetting back home. It might also be a good idea to read up on your home country’s healthcare system as things might have changed since you were last there. Enjoy a safe and healthy trip back home!

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Lucy Tomassini

Lucy is a Language & Culture student at University College London, currently living in Spain. Her multicultural background ignited her passion for languages, travelling and exploring different cultures.