3 exercises to do on a plane

Being on an aeroplane doesn’t mean you have to take a break from exercising. In fact, there’s lots of quick, easy, and helpful exercises you can do mid-flight to help ease tension and keep you feeling comfortable. Whether you’re trying these out for your health or just for a bit of entertainment, they’re sure to make your flight a much more enjoyable experience. Here are our three favourite ways to keep active on a flight.

1. Making circles

This simple exercise is great as it won’t disturb anyone sitting around you. Start by lifting both your feet off the floor, then begin rotating your feet in circle shapes. Repeat this five times clockwise, then again five times anticlockwise. Congratulations! You just exercised and your sleeping neighbour had no idea.

2. Lift your legs

Another exercise to do whilst sitting down, but this one is great for your abs. First, put your feet together. Then pull your knees up, hold, then down again– but don’t touch the floor! Do this exercise eight times and you’ll forget you’ve been sitting down for four hours.

3. Waiting in line

Aeroplane bathroom lines may be annoying, but you can use this time to do even more inflight exercise. Whilst waiting in line, place your hands on your hips, bend at the knee, and come back up to standing position. If you do this about five times, it will help your blood flow through your legs and hips. Perfect if you need more room to exercise than in your seat.

So the next time you’re traveling; don’t forget to keep active – it won’t even interrupt your movie time!

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Rosy Parrish

Rosy Parrish grew up in Britain and now lives in Madrid. She divides her time between teaching English, writing about expat life, and befriending dogs in the street.