Health roundup July 12

International News

Sufferers of arthritis will be happy to know that scientists have developed a coin-sized implant which uses small electric shocks to lower the effects of the disease, with some people going into complete remission. For people who can no longer travel as they would like due to suffering from arthritis, then this could open new horizons.

UNICEF are now the latest organisation to utilise drones in a positive way. The organisation are currently using drones to transport lab samples in Malawi, as well as other tests taking place in Bhutan and Papua New Guinea. This could be a great development for the health of locals and expats living in more rural areas.

Country Updates

Residents of Barbados who are traveling around the Caribbean will be required to have a valid yellow fever certificate if they plan to enter Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, or Guyana. However, the Ministry of Health is assuring citizens that there are no reports of an outbreak in the English-speaking part of the region.

Health Advice

When buying your sunscreen this summer, make sure to do your own research, as it has now been reported that 40% of the most popular sunscreens in the US don’t meet the American Academy of Dermatology’s criteria. To be sure you’re protected, particularly in regards to water resistance, make sure you check both the recommended guidelines and the information on the bottle to see if they match one another.

US travelers going abroad this summer can rest easy knowing that MinuteClinic, the walk-in clinic inside select CVS and Target stores, have added many more travel-related services to their lineup. Patients can now receive a pre-travel risk assessment for wherever they are visiting. This allows people to receive an individualised plan of treatment, including vaccinations and prescriptions for preventive medications.

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