5 things to consider when buying international health insurance

As an expat, health insurance is something that you definitely need to consider before you move to your new country. The many different types of health insurance can make it difficult to decide what type you should get. Below, we have listed 5 reasons why international health insurance is a must for expats around the world.

1. The coverage that you need

In many countries, you must have a certain type of residency permit in order to enjoy the state healthcare system. International health insurance is ideal for those who do not fit this criteria and want to make sure they are covered for any medical emergencies abroad.

Also, if you are someone who loves to travel, international health insurance allows you to be covered anywhere you go. This means you can make all of the spontaneous trips you want! 

Many expats regularly visit their home country, so make sure that the insurance you take out covers you back home!

2. Access to English-speaking doctors

In countries where English is not the first language, it can sometimes be tricky to find an English-speaking doctor. If you have international health insurance, you will normally be provided with the contact details of an English-speaking professional. This means you won’t have any miscommunications and you can be on the mend as soon as possible.

3. Cover for preexisting conditions

Many insurance plans offer limited cover for preexisting conditions and therefore it is important to check that your insurance provider does. If you need coverage for preexisting conditions, it is important to find out which insurer is best suitable for you. So wherever you are, you will have peace of mind that your health is taken care of.

4. Communication 

How easily can you get in touch with your insurance provider? What language support does the insurer offer you? The last thing you need when you use your international health insurance is to have a language barrier problem. Make sure your provider communicates in a way and in the language that works best for you.

5. Additional coverage

International health insurance, unlike standard travel insurance, often offers optional cover for vision and dental. This is often something that expats forget to think about before they move abroad. If you are moving somewhere for a long period of time, dental and vision coverage are extremely important.

Another point that often is forgotten is to check if the insurance covers mental health. It is common for expats to need some support when they move abroad because the start can sometimes be a lonely and scary time.  Some insurers provide counselling sessions as part of their international plan which can be a great bonus for expats who just want that little bit of extra support. Again, these sessions would be with someone who can speak your native language and it can make the move seem a little less daunting.


It is never easy to find the exact right coverage for you and your family. Many times it is recommended to work with a professional brokerage such as ASN who are specialized in expat health insurances.

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