Birth control available over apps

A new trend is sweeping the USA, and surprise surprise it comes in the form of several apps. Specifically, you can now order birth control by simply answering a few questions and taking a selfie – pretty fitting for the current generation.

Receiving said selfie, of course, is a qualified doctor or nurse who determines whether or not you can be sent your contraceptive package.  

One of the most positive features of these new services is that it often costs less than the amount you would be stumping up for insurance copayment in ‘normal’ situations.

Cross-border pills?

Naturally there are many barriers to having a service like this available across borders, which could be of great use to expats who are not yet registered with a local doctor, or who will struggle to communicate their needs in the local language.

The EU could present an opportunity however. Looking at the EU’s Cross-border care policy, it states the goal of making “health systems across the European Union increasingly interconnected” with “patients getting healthcare across the EU”.

Perhaps these apps could eventually be rolled out across the EU with expats being able to access a medical professional in their home country, but collecting the birth control in their country of residence.  

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Jamie Thompson

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