Health roundup June 27

International health news

A social gene that makes people more talkative has been isolated and touted as a potential treatment for autism. The gene creates oxytocin, a hormone that helps make people comfortable in social situations.

Insurance news

Consumers in the USA are likely to shoulder the burden of health insurance costs, which are rising faster than inflation. Employers and insurers who are facing increases of 6.5% may shunt 2.5% of this onto policyholders.

Country updates

In the USA, people can now turn to a new method of contraception – their phones. A number of new apps and sites have been launched in various states that allow users to obtain their preferred contraceptive pill by answering a few questions and taking a selfie.

British expats do not need to panic over fears they will lose the use of their European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). The card will remain valid until negotiations involving Article 50 are complete, after which it is possible that a deal will be struck for its continued use.

Health advice

‘Helicopter’ parenting has been found to have negative health effects on young children. The parenting style is characterised as an intrusive and perfectionist method in a bid to see one’s children attain high grades and overall good performance.

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