Debunking exercise myths

People tend to believe that if you do certain things, you will get certain weight loss results, since that is what many bloggers and websites have put out there. But no surprise here: some of them, like most things you find online, are wrong. Here are a few crazy things the internet has been lying to you about.

Myth #1: if you do crunches, you will lose belly fat

If it were that simple, everyone would have a perfectly flat stomach. But unfortunately, you can’t focus on just one body part, thinking exercising only that region will make that layer of fat disappear. Every body is made differently and some people lose upper body weight before losing lower body weight, and vice-versa. You can do 1,000 sit-ups per day, but it doesn’t mean that stubborn muffin-top will be going away.

Myth #2: aerobics boosts your metabolism for hours  

People often say that you can eat whatever you want after your workout because “it doesn’t count, your metabolism will burn it off”. However, chances are that extra piece of pizza will not be burnt off just because you’ve done some cardio an hour ago. There’s a little bit more of a metabolic boost after a cardio workout, but it will only burn about 20 extra calories per day.

Myth #3: lifting weights will get you bulky

For all of you out there that are only doing cardio workouts because you’re scared to get “too bulky”, fear no more! Although strength training does make men bulkier, women do not have as much testosterone, meaning it doesn’t give the same results. In fact, if you’re looking to be lean, adding a bit of weights to your routine could actually help you.

Myth #4: squatting will change your shape  

“Squats are the best exercise to tone and lift your butt!” might not be true. Of course, Squatting has its benefits, like strengthening your muscles, but it is not a miracle workout either. In fact, for most people, the buttocks is not as well trained as the hamstrings while doing squats. Since you must use your many lower body muscles, there isn’t enough strain on your glutes, so it will not lift your behind.

Myth #5: sauna belts will make you lose weight

Be careful of this new fad. It might have had some good reviews, but there is no scientific evidence to back it up. Of course, excessive perspiration does reduce water weight, but it doesn’t mean it burns fat. This actually means that weight loss will only be temporary. On top of that, it can leave you at risk for heat strokes, dehydration and skin rashes.

Even if people like to think there are shortcuts or ways to lose weight only in certain areas, beware of what you hear. Effort is usually required for losing weight, so there are no easy ways out of it, including when it comes to exercise.

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