Health roundup August 1

International news

5 million deaths a year are caused simply by being inactive, a new study has found. The research also shows that the global economy loses more than $67 billion a year in healthcare due to people not following a healthy lifestyle. Simply one hour of walking or cycling per day would reduce this, while also decreasing the risk of premature death.

The chemicals used to create artificial smoke in e-cigarettes can cause cancer, according to new evidence. E-cigarettes which use more heat to create vapour are the bigger offenders, as more cancerous chemicals are released at higher temperatures.

Country Updates

Consumer Reports warns that we should avoid 15 supplement ingredients as yohimbe, which is used to treat obesity and depression. Poor regulation of the market means producers are not obliged to prove their product is safe, leading to the potential for serious health problems.

Insurance company AIA Malaysia want to move away from the typical shock-value approach used to deter people from smoking and other unhealthy habits. Using behavioural economics, they want to encourage people to follow healthy lifestyle and taking care about their health through instant benefits.

Health advice

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