Health roundup July 4

International News

For those too sick to travel, new technological advancements are here to offer a solution. Virtual reality tours allowing users to see anywhere in the world from the comfort of their own homes are entering the market. Currently, the service is only offered to veterans who are unable to visit the World War II Memorial in Washington DC, but who knows what this could mean for the future of travel.

Sufferers of type-1-diabetes may soon be able to relax more whilst traveling, with the invention of an ‘artificial pancreas’ set to make their lives easier. The device, which is the size of an iPhone, will monitor their blood sugar levels whilst automatically injecting the right amount of insulin. It is expected to be available in the US and Europe by 2018.

Country Updates

An outbreak of the West Nile virus, carried by mosquitoes, has been discovered in San Jose, California. As there is no vaccine against infection, authorities are warning residents and travelers to be vigilant and to wear protective clothing and use insect repellent.

If you’re visiting Rio for the Olympics this summer, you’re probably already well informed about much publicised health concerns such as the Zika virus. Luckily, the World Health Organisation have compiled a list of many lesser discussed health concerns and how to combat them, such as vaccinations, food and water safety, and sanitation tips.

Health Advice

The negative effects of smoking are already widely reported, but new studies show that smoking may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease and vascular dementia, with research from the University of Eastern Finland revealing that smokers are twice as likely to develop the disease.

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