Health roundup September 12

International News

Many diseases that were once treatable are now becoming immune to drugs. Now being referred to as superbugs, the evolving bacteria includes gonorrhea, E. coli, and tuberculosis.

New studies aim to end the debate over statins – a type of cholesterol lowering drug. Reports show that the number of people who avoid heart attacks by taking the drug are higher than those who experience any negative side effects.

Country Updates

89 people in the U.S have been affected by an outbreak of the hepatitis A virus. The outbreak, which has infected people over 7 states, is said to have originated in a shipment of frozen strawberries at a chain of smoothie stores.

Since Obamacare was introduced in the U.S. in 2010, the number of uninsured Americans has halved – dropping from 16% to 8.6% of the population. The number is now at a record low.

Health Advice

The Huffington Post have compiled a list of what healthy people have in common in an attempt to help others get the push they need to live a healthy lifestyle. The guide urges people to not skip meals, meditate, and to practice moderation.

New research from the University of Washington shows that people are more likely to adopt a healthy lifestyle when using an appWith more and more ways to manage health available within technology, people can now use apps to manage illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and fertility issues.

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