Knowing the health system before giving birth abroad

An expat couple in Taiwan were recently told they had to pay $41,000 in hospital bills after giving birth to twins. This huge and unexpected bill faced by the new parents highlights just how important it is to know the ins and outs of a country’s healthcare system before giving birth there.

Is your maternity plan included?

This particular situation shows how important it is to do research about the conditions of giving birth in another country. Before you decide to give birth abroad, you must be sure what your insurance covers. If your insurance doesn’t include a maternity plan, consider getting one to avoid any unwelcome fees.

When researching which plan is suitable for you, it is important to plan things in advance. Many maternity plans won’t cover you if you are already pregnant or are expecting to be soon. So if you’re planning a pregnancy, it is advisable to get your maternity plan between 10-12 months before you plan to conceive to ensure you are covered.

Prepare yourself

It is vital to do detailed research about giving birth in the country you are moving to. Check all the documents that you need, ask your doctor about any paperwork, and be in touch with your insurance company. You should also check if it possible to obtain birthright citizenship, which may be useful for your child in the future.

The next thing is to find a place where you can give birth. If you aren’t fluent in the local language, try and find a hospital with English speaking doctors. You can visit forums and groups where expats offer advice about giving birth overseas and you can ask them about any doctors and hospitals that they recommend.

Additional costs and huge bills aren’t things that you and your baby need when they first enter the world. Think about your financial security and get familiar with maternity insurance in time so you can welcome your baby without any worries.

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