Weekly health roundup – 10th October

International health news

The World Health Organisation has said climate change, urbanisation and population displacement is increasing the chances of a worldwide pandemic. A gathering took place at the QIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute in Australia to discuss how counties that will be affected, can deal with the outbreak.

Yemen’s cholera outbreak has prompted health officials to conduct a meeting in France on how to prevent 90% of deaths by 2030. Cholera is a disease that spreads through contaminated water and causes around 10,000 deaths per year.

Country Updates

Health professionals are shocked to discover STD’s have hit an all time high in the US. Despite sex education improving and the increased availability of condoms, syphilis rates have risen by approximately 18%.

The Canadian government has warned against travel to Bangladesh due to the Zika Virus. The country has been placed in the ‘Avoid nonessential travel’ category which is the second highest category of threat, below ‘Avoid travel’.

Health advice

After the attacks in Las Vegas, US mental health professionals have been speaking to parents on how to communicate with their children about such tragic incidents. Technology and social media means children are now exposed to the news more than ever before and question why certain events happen.

The Welsh health board has advised people on how to avoid contracting Norovirus ahead of the winter season. Doctors say it is best to stay hydrated, warm and rest at home, rather than hospital to prevent spreading the disease.

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