Weekly health roundup – 3rd October

International health news

New discoveries in women’s health could be made by using data from period tracking apps. Links between a woman’s menstrual cycle and immunity, contracting STD’s and developing cancer are currently being researched by The University of Oxford.

New breast cancer treatments are being trialed in Australia which could mean the end of mastectomies for patients. Breast Cancer Trials, a breast cancer research group, are looking at the use of chemotherapy, aromatase inhibitors and hormone therapy to prevent the need for surgery.

Country updates

Healthcare professionals are currently trying to stop the spread of a pneumonic plague that is making its way across Madagascar. The highly contagious, airborne disease can cause death if not treated immediately. There are currently 51 suspected cases.

Hurricane Maria places strain on Puerto Rico’s healthcare system as the Category 4 storm makes landfall. Puerto Rican medical facilities have a history of being underfunded in the past which is cause for concern for patients that have been affected by the storm.

Health advice

As the number of young people getting tattoo’s increases, The American Academy of Paediatrics have released recommendations on how to stay healthy during and after the process.

Doctors urge people suffering with anxiety to make sure they are getting enough sleep. A study was done to show one in five people suffering with insomnia also suffer with anxiety and depression. A good night’s sleep allows you to flush out toxins from your body and relax muscle tension, which if not done can contribute to your anxiety levels.

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