Weekly health roundup – 16th January

International health news

A single dose capsule can provide a week’s worth of HIV drugs in one pill.  HIV patients may be able to take the pill just once a week and the drug will slowly release itself throughout the week.

A study has found that the majority of people who try smoking go on to smoke daily. Researchers warn of the ‘remarkable hold’ cigarettes can create after just one cigarette.

Study shows that young breast cancer patients with faulty BRCA genes have the same survival chances as those without. They found that outcomes were the same regardless of the treatment women had.

Country updates

Pharmacies in Venezuela have not received any deliveries of contraceptive pills in over a year. Nearly 1 in 4 babies born in Venezuela are born to a teenager. Venezuela has the highest teenage pregnancy rate in Latin America.

Australia’s worst flu outbreak in nearly a decade is affecting people all over the world. Hospitals are seeing more flu-related illnesses because this year the H3N2 strain is circulating. This strain is harder to prevent and is more dangerous for the elderly and young people.

Health advice

Men should avoid taking high doses of ibuprofen for extended periods of time as it could affect their fertility.

French company Lactalis has recalled 12 million boxes of powdered baby milk in a salmonella scandal in 83 countries. Children have become unwell from drinking the formula so make sure you are not feeding this to your children.

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