Weekly health roundup – 20th February

International health news

A new blood and urine test has been developed by researchers that can detect autism. In future, this will help doctors to diagnose children with autism earlier and ensure they receive appropriate treatment as soon as possible.

US scientists have discovered a new gene mutation that can increase a woman’s risk of ovarian cancer. This gene is passed from father to daughter through the X-chromosome.

Country updates

South Sudan has declared the end of its largest and longest cholera outbreak. The outbreak was first reported in June 2016 and officially ended this month.

Unapproved combinations of antibiotics are being used all over India with no regulatory approval. Scientists are concerned for patient health as well as the ongoing global issue of worsening the problem of antibiotic resistance.

Health advice

We already know that ultra-processed foods are unhealthy, but new research hints that eating ultra-processed foods can also increase the risk of cancer. Try to minimise the amount of ultra-processed foods you eat.

A study has found that regular exposure to cleaning products can seriously affect lung function. Using liquid cleaners instead of sprays is recommended in order to reduce the spread of cleaning chemicals in the home.

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