Last week’s health roundup

International news

Last week new research was published which showed that women are twice as likely as men to have problems with anxiety, and that people under the age of 35 experience more anxiety than older people.

Medical experts found that treating diabetes aggressively might actually not work, and have bad effects on the patient. Research showed several health problems in older diabetes patients that received aggressive treatment.

Country updates

Sponsors in Dubai will get until the end of the year to insure themselves, their employees or family members. The date was initially set for the 30th of June, but the Dubai Health Authority announced the six month delay last week.

Last week, the first baby carrying the Zika virus was born in the United States. A 31 year old unnamed woman is the mother of the little girl that has microcephaly, intestinal issues and abnormalities to the eyes.


It is known that expats can experience more mental health issues while living abroad. If you are struggling with this, reading stories from other expats that coped with these problems may help.

If you are considering moving to the Mediterranean, these benefits of their diet will surely give you the last push! Even when you are not planning on moving there, adopting the Mediterranean diet can have several positive impacts on your health.

Anxiety issues are still misunderstood, so what is it exactly and which groups in society are more prone to experience these problems? There are at least 10 things most people do not know about the condition.

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