Over 90% of Americans now have health insurance

For the first time in the history of the USA, the proportion of people without health insurance dropped to less than 1 in 10. With health cover increasing since 2010, a significant boom was noted from 2012 which has been largely attributed to the introduction of Obamacare.

The rising number of people insured should “lead to people seeking care that is more cost-effective and more appropriate to their needs”, says Angela Mattie, professor and chairman of Quinnipiac University’s Department of Healthcare Management.

A more competitive market?

Coupled with the news that health insurance premiums are set to spike in 2017, this means that the American consumer is becoming more active in their search, as getting the best deal is becoming more important than ever. 

With more and more people changing insurance providers the market will become more competitive, putting insurers under pressure to adapt to the growing competition and offer better and perhaps more affordable healthcare plans.

Around 28.6 million people remain uninsured in the United States.

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