Weekly health roundup – 7th December

International health news

The World Health Organization (WHO) have stated that they are experiencing a funding gap of USD 5 million which is needed so that aid can continue to be given in Somalia. The organisation is currently carrying out an emergency response plan to a cholera outbreak in the country.

The first ever in-depth study of placenta consumption has revealed that the health trend is not as beneficial as people have been led to believe. The study was carried out by Mark Kristal Ph.D., a behavioral neuroscientist at the State University of New York.

Country updates

In the most recent effort to address the growing opioid epidemic, the top health official in Pennsylvania, USA, visited the local children’s hospital to introduce guidelines for prescribing painkillers to kids. It was suggested that opioids should only be given to children and adolescents in cases of moderate or severe pain.

The Health Authority in Dubai has begun to explore its medical tourism opportunities. The chairman of the authority, Humaid Al Qutami, has said that he wishes to have 500,000 health tourists by 2020 and be one of the world’s leading medical tourism destinations.

Health advice

A new study has found that eating cheese on a daily basis could reduce your risk of heart disease and stroke. Daily consumption of the dairy product reduced the risk of heart disease by 14% and stroke by 10%.

The Heart Association and the Heart and Vascular Institute are offering a variety of tips to help people maintain a healthy heart during the holidays. The tips include drinking plenty of water and keeping an active routine.

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